Areon Network’s Testnet Journey: 1-month Recap

Areon Network
3 min readOct 20, 2023

As we approach the end of October, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey Areon Network has embarked upon since the launch of testnet on September 20.

In this recap, we’ll delve into the significant milestones achieved, the challenges faced, and the exciting future that lies ahead for Areon Network.

Areon Network testnet

A month of Smooth Transactions

In just a month, Areon Network’s testnet has surpassed:

- Over 4.4 Million Transactions:

A staggering 4,4 million transactions have been processed, showcasing the robustness and efficiency of the Areon Chain.

We are proud to announce that we did not encounter any problems so far.

- More than 355,000 Accounts:

With over 355K accounts created, it’s evident that the community is actively participating and testing the capabilities of the network.

It also means the testnet introduced new Areonites to the community!

- Over 346K Wallets Connected:

The increasing number of wallets indicates a growing interest in Areon’s potential and its promise to revolutionize the blockchain industry.

“When mainnet?”

You probably saw this question asked in our groups a million times.

As explained before, time and again, the testnet is our secure gateway to the mainnet launch.

Our developers team is working tirelessly to assess and to evaluate the transactions on the test network.

Once we have enough data to proceed, the valuable information we gathered during the test phase will help us perfect the launch of the main network of the Areon Chain.

So, to answer the infamous question “when mainnet?”, the answer is still the same: right after the testnet.

Paging dApp developers

We are in advanced discussions with several projects, aiming to onboard them onto the Areon Chain test network.

This will further demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of the Areon blockchain. More information will be announced about this soon.

If you have a dApp and wish to launch it on Areon Chain, please visit our Discord server for application.

A Shoutout to Our Amazing Community

It’s impossible to talk about Areon Network’s success without mentioning the backbone of our project: our incredible community.

The relentless support, feedback, and dedication of Areonites have been instrumental in driving the testnet’s success.

Every transaction, every account created, and every wallet activated is a testament to your belief in our vision.

Thank you!

The Power of Social Tasks:

Our testnet page is diligently recording every transaction made by every wallet.

To make the experience more enjoyable for you, we assigned points to the testnet tasks.

On our Leaderboard page, you can check your current ranking compared to your fellow testers.

We’ve got some amazing surprises in store for our testnet participants. Your points matter.

We’ve also noticed the enthusiasm of our community with Zealy social tasks. These tasks not only help spread the word about Areon but also play a crucial role in refining our network.

By inviting more people to the testnet event through Zealy, you’re expanding our community and helping us test our systems better with more people.

The journey of building a revolutionary blockchain network is a collaborative effort. Your continuous support and dedication fuel our drive to innovate and deliver.

As we move forward, we urge you to keep participating, keep sharing, and keep believing.

Together, we’re not just building a blockchain; we’re building the future of decentralized finance.

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