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3 min readOct 16, 2023
Areon Network is a diverse blockchain project.

All Areonites know by now that we are a project that is committed to decentralization and community growth.

We started our journey with a global English channel and later expanded into Chinese and Turkish official communities.

But recently, our community managers, brand ambassadors and group members have been busy, branching out to new local groups.

New communities, representing diverse languages and cultures, are sprouting organically, further strengthening the network’s global footprint.

This development is not just a testament to the project’s appeal but also a reflection of the power of decentralization and the importance of local communities in the blockchain ecosystem.

Scroll down to the bottom for links to the emerging communities.

Decentralization at its Best

Decentralization is the backbone of the Areon Network. By ensuring that our community remains diverse, the network guarantees that every participant has an equal say.

This ethos is now being mirrored in the way communities are forming. Instead of a top-down approach where the network dictates its growth, users from different parts of the world are taking the initiative, showcasing the true spirit of decentralization.

The Rise of Local Communities

While the Areon Network already has official communication channels in English, Chinese, and Turkish, the recent surge in local communities is noteworthy.

These communities, formed organically by users, are not just limited to the major languages but represent a plethora of local dialects and cultures. And we are so proud of it.

Local communities are forming on our Discord server and on Telegram. You may find a full list of links at the bottom of this article.

Diversity: The Network’s Strength

With communities forming on both the official Discord server and Telegram, the network is becoming a melting pot of ideas, cultures, and languages.

This diversity ensures that the network remains innovative, inclusive, and resilient to challenges.

Why Local Communities Matter

Cultural Context: Local communities can tailor the network’s message to fit the cultural nuances of their region, making it more relatable and appealing.

Feedback Loop: These communities act as a direct feedback channel, helping the network understand the unique needs and challenges of different regions.

Increased Adoption: Local communities can drive adoption by hosting events, workshops, and meetups, introducing more people to the Areon Network.

Join the Movement… or Be the Movement

Whether you want to be a part of an existing community or start one in your local language, Areon welcomes you with open arms.

If you would like to introduce Areon Network to your locality, you can start your own community!

For your efforts, you will be paid for compensation and honored as a Brand Ambassador of Areon Network.

Areon Network’s Official Communities






New Communities

🇮🇩 Indonesian:

🇮🇳 India & 🇵🇰 Pakistan:

🇷🇺 Russian:

🇺🇦 Ukraine: (Special channel)

🇮🇷 Persian:

🇻🇳 Vietnamese:



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