What is a Testnet and how to join it?

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3 min readAug 31, 2023
Areon Network’s testnet is in Q3 2023

September 2023 is here and the testnet phase for Areon Network approaches fast.

This has been a highly-expected road map item for our third quarter by our community.

Everyone has high expectations from this test period, and rightfully so.

Therefore, we would like to briefly explain what a testnet is and what it means for our project.

We hope that you might find answers to your questions here.

What is a testnet?

As the word suggests, it is a test network. Developers use a testing platform to try their codes, the chain’s transactions, new apps and much more.

While a testnet is often used before a mainnet, sometimes developers open a test platform after the mainnet to try new things in a risk-free environment.

Developers may use it to try new functions and measure the performance. If there is an error, they can fix it easily without hurting the mainnet.

Why is it important to have a testnet?

Besides the obvious benefits of testing functions and performance, test networks are also vital to prevent any interruptions to users’ interactions or assets.

Coins or tokens in a testnet environment have no value.

Tokens are only used for simulations. This is an excellent way for our developers to fix bugs and improve the chain in a safe way.

Why should you join Areon testnet?

When users join Areon testnet, they will explore the speed and functionality of Areon Chain for the first time.

Based on the feedback, we can fix and improve things before going live.

You can join it for free and see Areon Chain in action for the first time.

What testnet means for Areon Network

For the Areon team and the community, the testnet will be a rite of passage, a trial by fire.

For a long time, our community has followed AREA’s progress as a token. We are truly grateful and proud of the trust you gave us.

With testnet, it will be the first glimpse of what Areon Chain is capable of as a blockchain.

Not only will it prove our technology, but also show our community what they can expect next.

In this sense, Areon testnet will truly be a show of strength as we flex our coding muscles.

How to join Areon Network’s testnet event

Anyone may apply to become a tester for Areon’s testnet event.

Once the testnet is live, you will find a link to its page on our website.

You will need to create a new testnet wallet for this purpose.

Our Community Managers will announce the directions and explain the necessary steps if you are stuck.

Once you can access the testnet, you will be able to perform actions such as transactions, minting new NFTs or tokens and more.

There might be small surprises for the testers too!

Your feedback is highly appreciated during the time of testnet.

You can give any feedback on our Discord server for this purpose by submitting a ticket. Our team will quickly respond.

Looking forward to seeing you join the testnet event for Areon Network!

Mainnet vs. Testnet: What is the difference?

While the difference may sound obvious, it is important to list the facts for further clarification:



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