State of the Network: Q1 review by Areon Foundation

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3 min readMar 27, 2024


Q1 Review

Hello Areonites! It is almost the end of March and we are about to mark the first quarter of 2024 complete.

As the Areon Foundation, we would like to share some updates about the progress and the future of our network.

Summary of Q1 2024

Our network had an impressive start to 2024 with the launch of the main network, Areon Chain, in January after four months of a successful testnet period. The announcement of our mainnet launch made waves throughout the crypto space, turning the attention of various communities on Areon Network.

Our exchange partners such as Bitget, MEXC and Bitmart completed Areon Chain integration at their own pace. We appreciate their cooperation in migrating $AREA from Binance Smart Chain.

Some of the other pleasant news in this quarter were the listing of $AREA by the central exchange XT.COM and the successful audit of Areon Chain by Hacken.

As part of our ecosystem expansion efforts, our first hackathon Code AREA played a huge role in securing diverse dApps to enrich the network with valuable assets. We introduced 12 winners of the hackathon and started deploying these projects to Areon Chain.

Outside of our planned roadmap goals, we announced some wonderful developments throughout this quarter:

AreonX: Our central crypto exchange

One of the sensational roadmap items for 2024 is the launch of our crypto asset exchange, AreonX. It will be a substantial addition to our network components, allowing dApps and token projects to thrive within the ecosystem. On top of that, Areon users will find remarkable opportunities in the crypto market via AreonX and its widespread selection.

Airdrop is just one part of the surprises and useful perks that await AREA holders in AreonX. We will launch trusted and high-potential projects on our exchange, providing access to early sale rounds for our loyal holders.

Our developers are finalizing the last touches to the platform while our operation teams finish their preparations. The launch of AreonX is our priority. The entire Areon team is completely dedicated to its launch.

T1 Exchange Listings

We’re glad to share an important strategic shift in our roadmap for 2024. Initially, we focused on listing our $AREA coin on renowned Tier 1 central exchanges, a move many of you have eagerly anticipated. This goal aimed at integrating Areon Chain with these major platforms, enhancing $AREA’s visibility and accessibility.

However, in our constant pursuit of innovation and self-reliance, the Areon Foundation has decided to embark on an even more ambitious journey. We’re channeling our energies into nurturing our own vibrant ecosystem, and the development and growth of AreonX, our proprietary central exchange (CEX). This strategic pivot allows us to provide a more tailored, robust trading experience, and create unique opportunities for our users.

Let’s not forget the upcoming Bitcoin halving in April 2024. Although BTC has recently observed a new ATH with an anticipated bull run, the markets now have ambiguity and uncertainty hanging in the air like a cloud of fog, obscuring the outcome in the near future.

Thus, it is in Areon’s best interest to focus on the launch of its own component, AreonX, and then use it as a leverage to further increase its users once we get listed on T1 exchanges. Meanwhile, boosting our ecosystem by launching projects will add value to the network overall.

This decision means readjusting our original scheduling for T1 exchange listings throughout the year. Note that our commitment to these listings has not waned. We’re simply redistributing the listings across the year to ensure that each step we take is in the best interest of our community and the future of Areon Network.

The goal for T1 exchange listings remains intact for 2024. We believe this flexible approach will not only fortify AreonX but also pave the way for stronger, more strategic partnerships with T1 exchanges in the future.

What is next for Areon Network?

By focusing on our own platform first, we’re setting the stage for a more robust and interconnected ecosystem, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders in the Areon community. We’re excited about this new direction and confident that it will lead to a stronger, more resilient Areon Network.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our vision. We are on!



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