Mainnet Launch and Beyond: What is next for Areon Network?

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4 min readJan 13, 2024


After exactly one year of our first listing as a token, our comprehensive blockchain project has reached a remarkable milestone on 12 January 2024.

Areon Network has launched Areon Chain, our Layer 1 blockchain technology, using the proprietary consensus mechanism Proof of Area.

We switched from Binance Smart Chain to Areon Chain, replacing $AREA token with our coin.

As the infrastructure of every other component in the network, Areon Chain’s launch marks the beginning of a vibrant ecosystem.

Congratulations to all the Areonites around the world!

What is our current status?

The Chain

You met Areon Chain before actually. On September 2023, we started our test network, remember? Since then, over 15 million successful transactions were completed on Areon Chain!

And on January 12, we met Areon Chain as a main network this time, ready to challenge the competitors.

Token-to-coin Transition

If you are holding AREA tokens in a Web3 wallet like Metamask or Trust, you will receive AREA coins to your wallet automatically. You need to add Areon Chain to your wallet. Here is a simple video guide.

Then, you must wait for the automatic token-coin replacement. We will start it on January 12.

Cold wallet users (e.g. Ledger) can expect these wallets to integrate Areon Chain. Meanwhile, they can connect their wallets to Metamask and follow the same steps as explained in the above video.

If you are holding AREA in an exchange (MEXC, Bitget or Bitmart), you don’t have to do anything. The exchanges will complete the integration of Areon Chain and send you AREA coins.

Currently, these exchanges are still processing the integration at their own pace.

Pancake Swap liquidity pool

Pancake Swap has been the decentralized solution for $AREA’s liquidity needs for a long time.

But after the mainnet launch, this DEX now becomes obsolete for Areon.

$AREA will no longer be supported with a liquidity pool as of 14 January, 11 AM UTC.

We will take a snapshot of all wallets with $AREA token. Transactions after this date will not be recorded.

Starting from 14 January, 11:00 AM UTC, you will start receiving AREA coins to your Web3 wallets.

You need yo add Areon Chain to your wallet. The guide is here.

The liquidity pool (0x29c8b34BDFAc6E8Ec0e964758974c0FED53Cc0c7) linked to the AREA BSC contract address (0x3Cb26F04223e948B8D810a7bd170620AFbD42e67) on Pancake Swap will shut down.

Do not use Pancake Swap after 14 January, 11 AM UTC. You will lose your assets. You are solely responsible for any risk.

For future transactions, please wait for the central exchanges to list AREA again as a coin again.

When will the exchanges resume $AREA transactions?

Exchanges are private entities that have their own procedures for network integrations.

We fulfilled all the obligations from our side, but we must still respect their procedures and patiently wait for them to complete the integration.

A perfect integration requires a critical precision and careful diligence.

Thus, we agreed on a new date for exchanges to resume $AREA transactions: 31 Jan 2024, 14:00 UTC

What will happen on 31 Jan 2024?

All the exchanges integrated with Areon Chain will resume transactions for $AREA.

If you were holding $AREA tokens on an exchange, you will receive coins as 1:1 replacement.

You will be able to buy and sell $AREA again.

While we wait…

Areon Network will never slow down its progress, let alone stop it.

Until January 31, we will work on the other road map items on our agenda for Q1 as usual.

As the global crypto markets reawaken from a deep slumber, now is a great time for us to engage in innovative and beneficial talks with potential partners, collaborators and contributors for marketing.

As a part of its duties, Areon Foundation will identify and support growth opportunities for the network, negotiating deals all around the world during this time.

Our developer team will review and support the projects that applied to Code AREA, our hackathon.

A dedicated team is also working on the launch of AreonX, our global centralized crypto exchange.

Beware the scammers

We regret seeing scammers using fake accounts to steal from Areonites.

Areon Network takes swift action against such attempts, working with relevant authorities. We have unfoiled another such attempt and shut down their website immediately.

We urge everyone to be careful and remember these basic principles to stay safe:

· Areon staff will never contact you via private messages.

· Support is given only in our official Telegram groups, or in our Discord server via a ticket.

· Official website is

· Official Telegram groups are listed here.



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