Code AREA:
A Web3 Development Challenge

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3 min readNov 27, 2023


Code AREA, Areon Network’s first hackathon

Hello Areonites!

You all remember the hackathon announcement we made on our Twitter account a few weeks ago. Now it is time to give you the full details.

In a nutshell, this is a competition for Web3 developers. We are inviting coders, programmers and Web3 designers to join us for a collaborative coding marathon.

We named it Code AREA and set the prize pool as $500,000!

The Basics

This development-centric event marks Areon Network’s inaugural hackathon, offering a unique opportunity for developers of all experience levels.

The online competition officially starts on December 4 and lasts until February 2, the submission deadline.

Participants in Code AREA will embark on a journey to:

Acquire New Skills: Enhance your technical capabilities in the rapidly evolving Web3 space.

Collaborate with a Community of Developers: Engage with like-minded individuals and teams to foster innovation.

Find Mentorship: Gain insights and learn from experienced professionals in the industry.

Compete for a Prize Pool and Grants: Showcase your talents and vie for significant rewards and funding for your projects.

Exploring Areon Chain’s Technology

The hackathon introduces participants to Areon Chain’s unique “Proof of Area” consensus mechanism, a cutting-edge technology designed for the Web3 era.

Developers will get the chance to work with Areon Chain as part of our testnet activities. Successful projects will be launched into mainnet, side by side with Areon Network.

Final Event in Istanbul

The hackathon concludes with an offline event in Istanbul, providing the finalists with the chance to showcase and present their ideas for the members of the press and for the VC present at the venue.

Who should join?

Code AREA is tailored for Web3 developers, designers and coders who are older than 18. Students receive extra opportunities along with a dedicated track for their contributions.

The hackathon features three main tracks:

1) Web3, NFT & Gaming:

Focus on decentralized systems, blockchain, and NFTs in gaming.

2) Tools, Apps & Infrastructure:
Develop tools and applications using Solidity and deploy them on Areon.

3) DeFi & DAOs:
Create decentralized finance apps and platforms emphasizing innovation.

But we also added 2 bonus tracks:

  • University Students
  • Community Favorites

You will have the chance to vote on the winner projects and decide the outcome as part of the Community Favorites track.

We will explain and announce the details for this later on.

Why is this important for Areon Network?

Code AREA will bring in lots of activity and added value from Web3 developers, enriching our ecosystem with creative ideas and practical solutions.

The successful projects will be launched as products on Areon Network, bringing in lots of attention, transaction volume and a well-deserved admiration for our community.

Code AREA is the beginning of a wonderful expansion and world-wide recognition of Areon Chain.

More Details

Please visit our official hackathon page at for details and for the sign up process.

You can also check out our event partners’ websites at and at for more information on how to get started.

Feel like getting started asap? Fill out this form:

Happy coding!



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