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4 min readDec 12, 2023


After teasing the date 12.12, 12:12 for weeks, Areon Network has unveiled a huge addition to its ecosystem components.

We are proud to announce that AreonX will be the first centralized exchange entity of Areon Network.

Strong foundations

Now is also a great time to announce that the Areon Foundation has been officially founded. The foundation’s first major act was obtaining the licensed exchange entities.

The foundation will keep functioning as the acting entity for Areon Network’s future acquisitions or partnerships as we expand our reach around the globe.

Before we talk about the future plans of this major update about the exchange, let us give you a little bit of background and in-depth information. Yes, you read that right. Entities.

About AreonX

Areon Foundation has purchased two licensed crypto exchange entities. One of these licences allows global onboarding, giving AreonX the freedom to accept clients anywhere in the world.

Both of these entities will be rebranded as AreonX and start functioning in simultaneous harmony as one big entity while our project moves forward.

The globally licensed entity’s origin will be revealed soon after its legal procedure for acquisition has been finalized.

The second rebranded exchange that we acquired is from Türkiye. As a vibrant and dynamic society with a passion for blockchain technologies, Türkiye has stood out as an obvious choice to expand the reach of our exchange project.

This local entity will provide AreonX the necessary national permissions to act as a crypto exchange in Türkiye.

And with the exchange added into the equation, we will be completing the three-part structure of AreonX — Areon Chain — AREA.

When will it launch?

AreonX will meet investors and traders with a tremendous launch event. The exchange will serve its first customers in the first quarter of 2024.

AreonX will onboard clients worldwide and list all the major, well-established assets as well as trusted, promising projects from the crypto space.

Any benefits for Hodlers?

As always, we appreciate the unrelenting support of Areonites. The constant success and the progress of Areon Network largely depends on you.

As a token of our love, we will airdrop a huge amount of AREA as a gift to our holders’ wallets, if they hold AREA till the launch of AreonX!

The amount of the gift is also determined by how long you held AREA till the launch of AreonX!

The starting date for hodling is 1 January 2024.

There is no minimum holding limit for eligibility. You must keep holding them, from Jan 1 to the launch of AreonX, in order to be eligible for the airdrop.

Plus, you will receive another huge benefit: early access to the projects that will be launched on AreonX and integrated to Areon Chain.

Crypto community first

As a community-centered project that focuses on end-users’ benefit, Areon Network’s exchange, AreonX, will adopt the same values of trust, fair opportunity and future-proof.

The minor projects listed on AreonX will be carefully curated based on the same strict principles we uphold in our own project.

Project owners will be given equal opportunities to present the value of their work and we will support the future of crypto development for the next generations with our careful review.

Stunning speed and smooth functionality

AreonX will take advantage of Areon Network’s accumulated wisdom and business acumen. We will flex our expertise in financial technologies as we provide the fastest exchange with the smoothest interface.

AreonX users will experience an uninterrupted trading experience with a powerful infrastructure. High liquidity and near-instant transactions will be your default experience on this exchange.

What about technical integrations?

We understand that a crypto ecosystem is only as good as its supporters. We need the support of our allies who have the best interest of our beloved community in their hearts.

AreonX will work with major and trusted partners for future development as we enable a powerful and secure API connection for developers.

Our dev-friendly system will give ample room for progress and innovation as developers build strategies and automate their products.

Top features

With its two-layered identity verification, cold wallet storage and advanced protection protocols against cyber threats, AreonX is ready to rub shoulders with the top exchanges worldwide when it comes to technical capabilities.

Asset security and account privacy will be our key concerns as we facilitate the onboarding process for everyone. Our Express Registration will make a big difference for AreonX users.

What is next?

As we refine and perfect the platform, we kindly ask for your patience to let us focus on it. AreonX will start listing tokens and onboarding clients in the first quarter of 2024.

It is vital to remind you that AreonX is not ready. Please don’t accept any DM about the exchange. Block such messages and contact our staff.

We will announce the official website and its official communication as the launch nears. Please stay tuned for announcements and guidance from our official channels.

Thank you for believing in this project. Together with your support, we will reach the top.




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