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Over time, the complexity of blockchain networks increase. People look for easier and simpler ecosystems to use the services without any difficulties. To serve that purpose, Areon is making groundbreaking innovation among blockchain ecosystems. The primary purpose of introducing Areon is to make the global crypto industry fast, reliable and investment-friendly, by solving the major problems that end users face regularly.

A new concept: Proof of Area

What makes Areon more reliable and sustainable is its unique verification algorithm, Proof of Area. It is a future-proof, fast, and secure system, combining certain elements of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work. Proof of Area boasts the transaction security of Proof of Work and the transaction cost reduction trait of Proof of Stake.

Proof of Area visualized

The transaction verification in Proof of Area relies on a simple idea: anyone who holds Area Lands inside the metaverse (Areon City) is randomly eligible for transaction verifications. This unique ‘loyalty program’ ensures the transaction node confirmations provide block rewards to land owners. The more lands you hold, higher the chance of reward!

From a utilitarian perspective, Proof of Area also encourages investors to hold the coins in the long run. Since metaverse lands are limited in number, land owners can sell or rent them later on when they appreciate in value. Owners can build a digital store or any software on the land. Holding the land is also attractive due to verification rewards.

Metaverse: Areon City

At the core of our network is our metaverse: Areon City. Here you can buy, sell, or lease your belongings (including your land) to different users across the network. Areon City settlers will experience a unique ecosystem where entertainment meets utility.

Areon City concept art

The city offers attractive purchasing options for investors. There will be only 50K lands available in the Areon City, initially offered from 10,000 AREA coins. Since the maximum coin supply is 500 million and the transaction verification relies on land ownership, the lands will appreciate over time. The prices will depend on the position of the lot in the Areon City.

NFT Marketplace: Metareon

Some of the artwork, ready for launch

Areon Network features its own marketplace with substantial advantages over competitors. It is the community’s own marketplace where each transaction is rewarded with AREA coins. NFT enthusiasts can also trade their NFTs here. NFT artists can gain early access to our marketplace and enjoy unique marketing perks by communicating our staff.

Comparison table

Community Empowerment: Areon Academy

It is our community-focused, education project. The goal is to empower underpriviliged communities. Users can expect language courses, 1-on-1 tutoring and even lectures, scheduled by the community members. No commissions will be received from students or instructors for taking part in the classes. Instructors who wish to prove their status will upload proving documents and obtain a name badge.

Academy concept art


AREA Tokenomics

Locking was done according to the percentages in Tokenomics.
Areon Lock Contract: is used for this and token unlocking is carried out according to vesting periods.

On Chain : Binance Smart Chain
Token Contract Address : 0x3cb26f04223e948b8d810a7bd170620afbd42e67
Explorer Url :
Total Supply : 500,000,000
Circulation Supply : 66,495,276

The current amount can be accessed instantly here.

What is next for Areon?

We are in the process of team expansion for the development of our digital metaverse. Our NFT marketplace is ready to launch in two months, currently accepting applications from NFT artists. Our plans for 2022 are going on track and we are making steady progress. In the coming year, we aim to engage our audience and build more communities on social media in multiple languages. Our Telegram community is well-past our target of 5K and our Twitter is boasting over 14K organic followers! We are thrilled and excited by the fact that we built this community without any advertisement!

The next major step on our road map is to manage token listings on major exchanges. We are considering CoinMarketCap listing along with some other major exchanges that we are in talks with. In the Q3 of 2022, we want to secure a presence in the Asian markets and have some big exchange listings already under our belt. Our NFT swap technology will be developed further along with our Metareon mobile app. We plan to reach over 100,000 users.

Above all, we want Areon Network to bring change and dynamism to the blockchain industry, pushing the limits of simplicity and sustainability. We promise to work hard and make significant contributions to the future of the blockchain. Areon Network will be the gathering place for all crypto users who look for speed, affordability, and diversity of services.

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CEO: Umur İnce

Company registered in Malta



Areon Network

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