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4 min readAug 15, 2023
Areon Champions: Areon Network Brand Ambassador program

We are thrilled to unveil the launch of the Areon Champions Program!

It is our brand ambassador program, developed as a way of working closer with our community.

As a decentralized project, we are mostly relying on our community’s efforts to expedite the growth of our project.

The Areon Champions program will help Areonites spread the word, and introduce Areon Network to people from all around the world.

For this purpose, we are starting to collaborate with a chosen group of individuals who can represent our brand values and produce impactful content for the crypto space.

They will be known as Areon Champions.

The Objective

As we explore the limitless development possibilities of Areon, our ambassadors will carry the torch and introduce our project to everyone.

Join us in boosting Areon’s visibility!

Help us explain the superior technology that will touch everyone’s lives and improve the blockchain industry.

The Role of an Areon Champion

As a brand ambassador, you will represent our brand, products and services in accordance with our project goals.

Help us broaden our user and community base. Explain how Areon Network will revolutionize crypto space.

Your main responsibility will be to champion Areon and its pioneering technology, and to promote awareness about our vision and the benefits that Areon offers.

Types of Champions

Areon Champions will receive special roles on our Discord server, so that everyone can appreciate their contributions to the team.

Acknowledging the individual talents of our members, we narrowed down our Champion role into four sub roles. So you can concentrate on your specialty and the activities you love!

You can select more than one role.

Educator: Share your knowledge about the Areon ecosystem and blockchain technologies by producing instructive content, leading workshops, or anchoring webinars.

Become a thought leader among our community and teach them about Areon Network!

Messenger: Help us relay the message! Share Areon’s superior technology by crafting captivating content like articles, infographics, and multimedia presentations.

Messengers are champions that specialize in the best ways to reach an audience!

Mobilizer: Utilize your passion for community building by initiating and partaking in online/offline events that nurture and fortify the Areon community.

Mobilizers feel the pulse of the crypto industry. They know all the events and the gatherings in the blockchain industry!

Artist: Mesmerize the audience with your stunning designs or witful memes! The world is your canvas!

Artist’s role in our ambassador program is to help us shape the brand image of our community based on creativity.

Remember that you can select more than one role in this program!

How to Become a Champion

Ready to make a huge impact in crypto and to walk besides the Areon team?

We cordially invite you to apply and to accompany us on this transformative expedition.

There are only a limited number of seats available for these roles.

So, hurry up and become an elite brand ambassador with the Areon Champions program!

Step 1: Fill out the application form here.

Step 2: Grab your Champion role(s) in our Discord server.

Step 3: Visit our Dework platform and see available bounties, exclusive to our champions!

After the initial screening of shortlisted candidates, we will make a final judgement call to refine our search and limit the number of champions.

Champion Rewards

As part of the program, our Brand Ambassadors will be entitled to specific rewards, based on their efforts.

These rewards will be announced in the form of bounties on our Dework page.

Any Champion with the relevant Discord role can pick up a bounty. Unless there is a limit mentioned, any Champion who successfully finishes a bounty will be rewarded.

The rewards may be in the form of $AREA as well as USDT, based on the type of bounty.

Champion Responsibilities

Being an Areon Champion is a prestigious and exclusive role in our community.

In order to give our community the best experience possible, Champions are obliged to remain active during the program.

Those with the Champion role are expected to pick up at least two bounties per month or else they risk losing their status and privileges.

Your inactivity will be monitored on Dework platform, based on the number of bounties you picked in the last month.

This precaution will ensure that the program is always vibrant and dynamic, protecting our community’s best interests.

Looking forward to seeing you among the Champions!

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