Areon Champions 2.0:
Updating the Ambassador Program

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3 min readDec 14, 2023


Areon Champions — Brand Ambassador program

Hello Areonites,

After carefully reviewing another +500 applications (phew!) for our third round, we are finally revealing the next steps in our ambassador program.

We are updating the program as a more beneficial model for ambassadors.

It will be more exclusive than ever and the rewards will be more satisfying.

What is new?

We added a rank system, based on your authentic audience and how well you engage with them.

We also changed the platform that we use for this purpose.

Champions will now find their tasks on a private Zealy board instead of Dework.

These tasks are only accessible with the Areon Champion role in Discord.

You can visit the Zealy board for Areon Champions here and start claiming your tasks if you already have the role.

The newly selected Champions will be given their roles in Discord by our staff and tagged by name to notify them.

New Ranks: Requirements & Benefits

To keep things simple, we named the new ranks Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Here are the minimum requirements and benefits for each role:

Areon Champions New Structure

X Followers: Minimum number of real followers.

Average View/Follower ratio: Let’s say you have 10,000 followers. On average, we expect your posts to receive a minimum of 1000 views for Bronze level. 20 and 25 for Silver and Gold.

Minimum tasks per month: All champions are expected to contribute to our efforts. Failing to deliver a minimum of 15 tasks each month will cost you to be demoted from your rank.

XP Multiplier: More followers will bring you more XP, making it easier to climb the ranks.

The new model ensures a steady income for our ambassadors at the fair cost of regular contribution.

The more you contribute, the more salary you receive.

The tasks are designed in an optimum way to shine your strengths as our ambassadors.

You will find online and offline tasks with various points, based on your interests and strengths.

This is your opportunity to grow your organic audience together with Areon Network.

You can even collaborate with other Champions to complete your tasks.

How to Join

Anyone willing to support Areon Network is welcome to apply!

If you match the criteria for Bronze level, you will be onboarded.

  1. Our application form is always available: Sign up here!
  2. Next, please join our Discord server to receive the Champion role. (You need that role to access the private Zealy platform. )
  3. Visit Zealy regularly and complete your ambassador tasks to gain points.
  4. Don’t forget to link your wallet for salary payments!

Good luck, Champions! Thank you for your continuous support!



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