Areon Apps: Validator, delegator, staking and more!

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2 min readMar 19, 2024


Areon Apps

Hey Areonites!

We are thrilled to share a new but essential tool with you for all things Areon Network!

Meet our Apps Dashboard : a simple but powerful user panel for managing validator, delegation, staking, rewards history and testnet faucet screens!

What does it do?

Areon Apps is a user dashboard to access the following mechanisms:

  • Validator
  • Delegation
  • Staking
  • Reward History
  • Testnet Faucet

We will take a closer look at each function below.

How can you access it?

  • Please visit to access the official Apps panel.
  • Connect your Web3 wallet to securely interact with the app. Make sure Areon is selected as the active network.
  • Interact with the app functions!

Understanding the Validator panel

Areon Apps allow you to check validators, apply for the validator role and view voting powers.

Validators are responsible for securing the network by validating transactions. Voting power determines the influence a validator has on the network’s decision-making process. Let’s explain the terminology.

  • Moniker: A unique identifier for the validator.
  • Bonded amount: The amount of tokens staked by the validator.
  • Commission: The fee charged by the validator for processing transactions.

It’s important to carefully consider the technical requirements and responsibilities involved before becoming a validator. See the section about validators to understand the technical requirements.


People who cannot or do not want to operate validator nodes can still participate in the process as delegators. Delegators share the revenue of their validators, but they also share the risks.

In the Launch app, you can view validators and delegate them by clicking the Manage button. Visit our Docs section about delegation here for more information.


This section in the apps dashboard is used for transferring your stake to the delegation method. It means delegating a validator and earning a share from block verification instead of joining a staking pool as usual.

Those who prefer to use the staking function as usual should visit . In the near future, we will carry the Stake function under the Apps dashboard.

Testnet Faucet

This app is useful for developers who wish to receive testnet tokens (TAREA) for testing purposes. The faucet provides 10 TAREA every 24 hours.

This service used to be on address and is now moved under the Areon Apps section.

More apps will be listed here as we add new functions for the Areon Network ecosystem. If you have questions about the panel, please visit our official support channels:



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